Friday, March 16, 2007

And yet again some more...

The journey that Radio-Idli has just started has become more exciting than ever. We can only imagine what heights it will reach as it matures each day :-)

We are now on CNN-IBN :-) Check out this link for more: Radio-a-tool-to-save-culture.
Damn neat...

Long Live Radio-Idli and us- the contributers too ;-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Adding to that...

Hmm Radio-Idli is sure getting famous.. its becoming every Konkani's favorite and catching some more attention from Non-Konkanis.

Indian express had an interview with the Pune contributers and me was a part of it. It was a great! Check this link for article on e-Indian Express more and check this for Article as in the Paper.

Glad to be a part of Radio Idli.
And i believe it will be soon covered in CNN IBN. So keep watching for more :-)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Radio Idli getting famous!!

Hey All,

Chase this link for some latest News.. Radio-Idli getting famous :-)
For all those who dont know, Radio-Idli is a site where one contirbutes his Talent thru audio. It can be a song sung by him, an instrument played by him, some discussion, some gags..
Check out Radio-Idli for some Chutney Chats and Lokabhiram Phardi (funny incidents told by Lokhabiram) and Many more songs and instruments played by our very own Amchigele youth :-) Awesome piece of work contributed by all.

Great work done by Nagesh and all the contributors..