Monday, February 11, 2008

Its time for the Survival of the fittest !

Yes its time for the survival of the fittest! And why not? People who are ready to work hard and provide better service, they should be rewarded!

If localites in Mumbai failed to show their detremination to work hard and give good service, it is their loss. North Indians who come to Mumbai or Maharashtra to earn their living come with a motive to make good money. They slog day in and day out. They are smart. They know how to get jobs and work towards it. Why should they be kicked out just because of the not so smart localities.

If they are ready to get paid less and work more than a Mumbaikar or for that matter a Marathi guy, why would people not employee them. Finally its business. Its not charity.

And we are a part of one country. It is OK if any Indian comes and work in any state. Who are these so called leaders to make rules.

Democracy does not mean bullying the poor. All that some of the leaders do is target the poor since they wont go against them. And there will always be some people supporting them which is why they feel they have the strength and freedom to hurt the poor burn buses and create fear in the minds of the people.

Its sad to see, but, Divide and rule seems to have become the National Anthem of this country!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Why dont our leaders believe in "United We stand, Divided we fall" ???

Why cant we be happy with India's progress.. why do we always have to Divide... its either religion, or caste or sub caste or now states..
Looking at the following news, its so sad to see this happening...
SP activists clash in Mumbai

The Poor being targeted. Injustice happening to the poor time and again!

Why cant we take it positively and make this to be an excellent prospect for India !
We have so many Educated Leaders, whom people look upto and follow.. is this an example to set ????

Why take it negatively, against Mumbai? Does Mumbai have less schools? So what if one wants to do something for poor and start off with his native which needs a school to educate the poor. Its not that he went and started one in US or in Delhi or in some already developing city!

If Mumbai is a city of opportunities, why cant they be proud of it. Instead of kicking people out, we can use other positive methods to make other cities as good as Mumbai. Why dont we work on getting the quality of living and working in terms of opportunities in other cities as well. If the politicians really want to do something for the nation for its people, why don't they collaborate with politicians of other state to work together in making the other states and cities better ??? They can help make other cities as good as Mumbai too !!!! Why don't they think in these lines and go to the lowest level of bashing up poor and use unethical means.

Forget learning anything positive from the British when they were ruling us, but we Indian surely have learnt the Divide and Rule Policy to its Best !!!!
Its a Disgust! Its such a shame...

When will we have Good Leaders ??? When will this system change for the RIGHT and for the BETTER ???
When can we see our leaders work for the Nation and NOT for their state/city/caste/sub-caste ???