Monday, February 11, 2008

Its time for the Survival of the fittest !

Yes its time for the survival of the fittest! And why not? People who are ready to work hard and provide better service, they should be rewarded!

If localites in Mumbai failed to show their detremination to work hard and give good service, it is their loss. North Indians who come to Mumbai or Maharashtra to earn their living come with a motive to make good money. They slog day in and day out. They are smart. They know how to get jobs and work towards it. Why should they be kicked out just because of the not so smart localities.

If they are ready to get paid less and work more than a Mumbaikar or for that matter a Marathi guy, why would people not employee them. Finally its business. Its not charity.

And we are a part of one country. It is OK if any Indian comes and work in any state. Who are these so called leaders to make rules.

Democracy does not mean bullying the poor. All that some of the leaders do is target the poor since they wont go against them. And there will always be some people supporting them which is why they feel they have the strength and freedom to hurt the poor burn buses and create fear in the minds of the people.

Its sad to see, but, Divide and rule seems to have become the National Anthem of this country!

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