Friday, July 17, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 7

So sorry all. I had the post ready, but I had saved it as draft than submitting. My bad!

Day 7 - Veggies, Starch and Juice

So, today we can have starch in the form of rice. I am feeling very light already and am so glad to have lost 4 kgs. I am down to 59.

We can have veggies, juices and rice today. So, morning I had some water melon Juice and cut pieces. We then went shopping as there are sale all around here in the malls. We shopped till we dropped, so we actually skipped lunch. I was feeling tired as I did not have much in the morning. But drank lots of water.

We were out by 5.30, so after that I had some saute veggies. For dinner I had some plain white rice and saute veggies.

Now I got to maintain my weight and also do some exercises to loose more weight.

Here was my menu for the day.

Breakfast - Watermelon juice + some pieces

Lunch - Skipped

Evening snacks - Saute veggies

Dinner - Rice and saute veggies.

I am glad  I completed the GM Diet Plan without any problem. I again saw that if I plan something and make my mind upon something, I will definitely do it come what may :-)

I do recommend exercise to loose weight. Also, that we should watch what we eat so that we do not stock up on too much calories, especially if we do not burn out that much on a daily basis.

I won't recommend GM diet plan to those who want to loose weight alone. I will always recommend doing exercises. This plan is good for detoxing your body and controlling your food cravings. Be sure to maintain healthy eating after this diet :-)

Monday, July 06, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 6

Day 6 - High Protien with veggies - NO TOMATOES

Today we can eat similar to what we ate yesterday but with no tomatoes. I saw a few sites mentioning no tomatoes while many were OK with tomatoes. Since yesterday I had up to 4 tomatoes. Ideally I should have had 6 but I could not.

So, things going good till now. I loved the sprouts salad I had last night for dinner. It was really refreshing and a good change. I had some sprouts from last night so I reused that for breakfast today.
I also got some chickpea soaked overnight and cooked them in cooker.

I was actually out for dinner with friends and I could not carry my food. But I did not want to break my diet plan and hence had 2 bowls of soup which is allowed :)

Here is my menu for today:

Breakfast - Sprouts salad (Dew Bean used)

Lunch - Chickpea Sprout Salad

Evening - Did not eat anything

Dinner - 2 bowls Vegetable clear soup.

Water - 10 glasses

My weight is 59KG. Awesome 4 Kgs down. I am thrilled absolutely!

Recipe for Chickpea Sprout Salad:

  1. Chickpea soaked overnight.
  2. Yellow Bell pepper - 1/2 cut finely
  3. Red Bell Pepper - 1/2 cut finely
  4. Green Bell Pepper - 1/2 cut finely
  5. Onion - 1/2 cut finely
  6. Salt - just a dash
  7. Oregano, Rosemary, Pepper - to garnish
  1. Cook the Chickpeas that you soaked in a cooker or heavy pot till fully cooked.
  2. Strain the water and let it dry for a bit
  3. Add all the other ingredients and mix well
  4. Enjoy the salad :)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 5

Day 5 - High Protein | Eggs, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Paneer

Day 5 is about High Protein. The original GM diet has Beef. Since I do not eat meat, forget beef, I decided to eat Eggs and Paneer. So, around 4 Eggs during the day, some paneer and sprouts is what I plan, along with 6 tomatoes.

This diet is pretty easy. Actually if you cross the first 2 days, the diet definitely gets easier by the day.
I plan to have boiled Eggs with sprinkle of salt and pepper. Tomatoes either cut or like juice. Paneer I plan to have like Burji. With very less oil and some veggies, so it will get some taste. This is because plain paneer is pretty bland to eat as is.

For the Sprouts, I already soaked "Matki" or "Dew Bean" yesterday and before going to bed took off all water for it to sit through the night. Morning, the beans were sprouted just as I wanted.

Early Morning (8.00am) - Veg. Clear Soup.

Breakfast - 2 boiled Eggs + Tomato (2) Juice

Lunch - Paneer Burji + 1 tomato cut + 1 Cucumber cut

Evening - 2 boiled Eggs + Few pieces Paneer saute.

Dinner - Salad made from sprouts.

Recipe for Paneer Burji:


  1. Onion - 1 Big cut into small cubes
  2. Tomato - 1 small cut into small cubes
  3. Coriander - 2 tablespoon
  4. Chillies- 1 cut into 1 inch length
  5. Asafoetida - 1/6 teaspoon
  6.  Turmeric / Haldi - 1/4 teaspoon
  7. Chilly Powder - 1/4 teaspoon
  8. Olive Oil - 1 tablespoon
  9. Salt - to taste
  1. In a wok, heat some olive oil
  2. Add asafoetida, onion and saute
  3. Add tomato
  4. Add Turmeric, chilly powder and saute
  5. Add paneer and salt to taste
  6. Mix and let it cook for a while
  7. Add coriander to garnish
You can eat Paneer Burji with Chapati or rice.

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 4

Day 4 - Bananas and Milk

Today I must have upto 6 bananas and 4 glasses of Milk. I want to target 2 glasses at least. I am not worried about Bananas as I love them and can have as many as possible :)

So, while yesterday I ended my post with a happy note that all is well, a little later I felt my whole body crumble. It was aching so bad. I could not even lift my little daughter of 18 months. I usually carry her to brush her teeth before bed. But I was too weak to hold her. I did not know what was happening.

By the time I cleaned up the kitchen and was off to bed, I was very tired and weak. It could not be because of my diet because all day I felt good and fresh. So, I was not sure what was happening. I was feeling feverish. I told my hubby I am feeling feverish. But I left it to that. Soon I was shivering and took 2 think blankets to sleep. This was not good. I had few more days to go and could not give up now. So, I woke up, took a crocin and went off to sleep.

As I slept I kept thinking, what could be the reason for my sudden breakdown. Well, I realized, it could be the Musk Melon that I had in the evening. It was kind of sour as I had left it outside the fridge for some time before eating. I don't think eating cold as I fear catching cold. But the fruit went sour. I did throw off the sour layer, but yeah it was not good, what I ate. And that caused the reaction.
Anyway, with the crocin, when I woke up in the morning, I was back in good shape.

So, coming back to the diet. I have bananas ready and also some veggies to make some nice soup.
My day is as follows:

Breakfast - Banana Milk shake with 2 Bananas and 1 glass of Milk

Early Noon - 1 Banana

Lunch - Veg. Clear Soup.

Evening - Banana Milk Shake with 2 Bananas and 1 glass of Milk

Dinner - 2 Banana + Veg. Clear Soup

Water - 8 glasses

I had an awesome lunch with 2 bowls of awesome veg clear soup. Feel energetic,

Somehow I had less amount of water compared to other days. But the soup I am sure made up for the required water content. Loved the soup. Just 3 more days to go!

I Weighed myself and was glad to see that I am down another KG. I am 60KG now .. thats 3 Kgs down. Wow I am thrilled :-)

Here is my recipe for the Veg. Clear Soup.

  1. Mushrooms - 5-6 cut into small cubes
  2. Pumpkin - 3-4 small cubes
  3. Beans - 3-4 Cut 1 inch piece
  4. Corn - 2 teaspoon
  5. Lettuce - 1-2 leaves cut
  6. Broccoli - 5-6 flowers
  7. Garlic - 7-8
  8. Oregano, Rosemary, Pepper, Salt - For garnish
  1. Cook all the veggies in the pressure cooker so they cook well. Add salt when cooking.
  2. Remove from cooker and add more water depending on quantity you want.
  3. Add garnish of Pepper, Oregano and Rosemary.
  4. Add the lettuce
  5. In a small wok, add little olive oil and fry these garlic pods till brown. Pat them on tissue to remove excess oil.
  6. Add to soup.
  7. Enjoy the delicious Soup

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 3

Day 3 - Fruits and Vegetables

So here I am on Day 3 and its been absolutely amazing till now. I feel lighter and definitely much better. Today will be a good day coz its a combination of veggies and fruits. I know I can complete this diet plan smoothly coz I have already crossed the two difficult days.

I have no head ache at all today. Not eating much.. drinking lots of water and feeling good.

Breakfast - 1 Apple + Boiled Corn and Cauliflower + Saute Mushroom with Bellpepper

Lunch - Saute Vegetables + Watermelon pieces

Evening Snacks - 1 Custard Apple + few pieces of Musk Melon + Black tea without sugar or milk

Dinner - Roasted Tomatoes + Water melon

Water - 16 glasses

Today has been really easy. Waiting for the next days.

My Weight is now 61KG. So, 2 Kgs down. Cool!

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 2

Day 2 - Vegetables

I am actually enjoying the diet plan. I love eating boiled or saute vegetables. And taste of each vegetable is so different that it does not feel monotonous. Eating fruits was difficult as most of them are sweet or bland. For the veggies,  I also added garnishing like Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Pepper.

Since potato is allowed one time today and not anymore during the diet, I decided to have a them for breakfast. I bot some baby potatoes instead of large ones to have some roasted potatoes.

For lunch I decided to go for saute veggies. I bought veggies like Mushroom, red yellow and green bell pepper, Beans, Broccoli, Baby corn. I also cut 3-4 cucumbers and tomatoes.

Breakfast - Roasted Potatoes.

Early noon - Tomato Juice, some slices of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Lunch - Saute vegetables , cucumbers and tomato slices.

Evening - Corn cob

Dinner - Saute Veggies and some corn

Water - 16 glasses

I can feel slight headache but not as strong as yesterday, Day 1. So its better today. I do feel a bit lighter. My MI Wrist Band strap seems loose so I am sure its a positive sign of loosing some unwanted fat.

I agree that first two days are crucial. If you can cross these, then the next will be easier to tackle.
My hubby who started with all enthusiasm gave up today having breakfast. He could not take it anymore :-) The first day itself got him bugged.

He thinks this plan is for Lazy people, coz you want to go for short cut of weight loss.. well I totally agree exercises are a must to loose fat. This diet won't help. But for me,  as I have already mentioned at the start, this plan is only get started with an organized diet from now on, and more importantly I want to put my self control to a test. Before this diet plan, I always had a strong strong urge to eat sweets and chocolates. I am not a junk food eater, but I can't control when it comes to chocolates. Everyday I had to eat some. I emptied the whole Nutela Bottle myself in less than a week eating a spoon of it or more everyday :-( I did regret but each day I told myself, one last spoon.. and took another :-(

Also, recently I got to know that my cholesterol levels are beyond limits. Here is what the report says,
Total Cholesterol - 245 HIGH
(Desirable <=200 | Borderline High 201-239 | High >239)

HDL Cholesterol - 50 LOW
(Major risk factor for heart disease < 40 | Negative risk factor for heart disease >= 60)

Triglycerides Level - 94 NORMAL
(Normal < 150 | Borderline High 150-199 | High 200-499 | Very High > 500)

LDL Cholesterol - 180 HIGH
(Optimal < 100 | Near Optimal/Above Optimal 100-129 | Borderline High 130-159 | High 160-189 | Very High >= 190)

LDL/HDL Ratio - 3.52 OK
(Optimal 2.5 - 3.5)

Non HDL Cholesterol - 195 VERY HIGH
(Desirable < 130 | Borderline High 130-159 | High 160-189 | Very High >= 190)

Actually, I have been eating out of limits. I love cheese and have been eating a lot of it recently. 1 year back because I was pregnant, and then because I was nursing my daughter. But now I need to take control of my diet. My health is now priority.

So, to kick start my change in diet I am doing this GM Plan. I know I will complete it without any hassles and will enjoy till the end. After that will I keep my self in control and eat within limits.

Btw, I did not loose any weight today.. hmmm..

Monday, June 29, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 1

Day 1:  Fruits

The first day of the plan, you need to eat ONLY fruits today except for Mangoes, Litchi and Bananas. You must also have around 10-12 glasses of water.

Its best to have fruits with lot of fiber and water content so you must eat more of Melons, Lemons, Oranges. Do not remove skin if possible, like for Apples, Chikoos and Pears.

I had the following fruits:

Breakfast - 1 Apple, 1 Chikoo, 4-5 Cherries

Early noon - few small pieces of Musk Melon, Papaya.

Lunch - 1 Orange, 1 Sweet Lime, few pieces of Musk Melon,

Evening - 1 custard apple

Dinner - Some pieces of Papaya, few Musk Melon, 1 Custard apple

Water - 16 glasses

I did have a slight nagging head ache in the day and right now too.. but if I concentrate of other things, I can hardly feel it.

Btw, I weighed myself and I am 62.5KG.

So far its going good. Now hitting the bed!
Until tomorrow, Gnight!

GM Diet Plan

So I am starting the GM Diet plan from today. Yes, I want to loose weight but this is not just for that. I want to test my power of curbing desires to eat and also wanted to detox my body.

I wanted to loose weight and so I was searching on some diet plans. As I searched on the internet, I came across the GM Diet Plan. And it seemed not so difficult and hence I thought of trying it out. A couple of years back, I used to fast on Tuesdays where I ate just 1 time, ie, at night, and nothing in between. Absolutely nothing, not even water. I started out with fruits but I ate quite often and at that time loosing weight was not my aim. It was more of self control. So, I stopped eating fruits too. It seemed a bit difficult initially as I was tempted. Then I got headaches etc.. But I controlled.

At that time I was also reading this book, Secret. This book has left such a positive impact on my life, I owe a lot to the Secret! So, I said to myself, I am busy working, and I am full. I have to finish off work first. With this mantra, I never thought of food and never had the slightest head ache from then on. It really works and is just awesome!

My main aim for telling this story is, that, I thought I will use the same technique even today and 7 days will just pass by easily. I am sure it will. So, here i am, getting ahead with the GM Diet plan.

Hearing my decision, my hubby also got motivated and said he will give me company. This way we can motivate each other to continue for 7 days. So, here we are :)

The GM Indian Vegetarian Plan is what I am going for.

Here is the diet plan, which I have picked from site: GM Diet Plan For Indians

The Indian version of the GM diet is pretty close to the original. There are slight changes and they are described below.
  • Day 1. All fruits. All kinds of fruit may be consumed except for bananas. 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed throughout the day.
  • Day 2. All vegetables. All sorts of vegetables may be consumed during the second day. Potatoes may be served during breakfast to boost energy levels and needs some good fat like ghee or olive oil. A mixture of greens and boiled vegetables as well as the GM diet wonder soup may be served during lunch and dinner.
  • Day 3. Mixture of fruits and vegetables. A mix of fruits and vegetables may be consumed on Day 3, together with 10-12 glasses of water. Bananas are still not allowed in this day.
  • Day 4. Banana and milk. Skim milk and banana, together with the GM wonder soup or any type of vegetable soup may be served on this day. For Indian practitioners, yogurt may be served instead of skim milk.
  • Day 5. Brown rice, curd and tomatoes. Soybean curd or 1 cup of brown rice may be used as a substitute for beef, or a cup of cottage cheese. Tomatoes are important to match with the day’s meal, along with cucumbers.
  • Day 6. Brown/White rice and vegetables. On Day 6, brown/white rice or other beef substitute will be matched with vegetables, but potatoes are still restricted. It is best to consume cottage cheese and soybean curd in vegetable bowls.
  • Day 7. Brown/White rice, vegetables and fruits. Two cups of brown/white rice may be consumed together with unlimited servings of vegetables and fruits. Fruit juice may also be taken along with 8-10 glasses of water.
I am excited to begin the diet. Will write about each day from the next post.. keep watching this space.

Ah! BTW I am starting with initial weight 63KG