Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 2

Day 2 - Vegetables

I am actually enjoying the diet plan. I love eating boiled or saute vegetables. And taste of each vegetable is so different that it does not feel monotonous. Eating fruits was difficult as most of them are sweet or bland. For the veggies,  I also added garnishing like Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Pepper.

Since potato is allowed one time today and not anymore during the diet, I decided to have a them for breakfast. I bot some baby potatoes instead of large ones to have some roasted potatoes.

For lunch I decided to go for saute veggies. I bought veggies like Mushroom, red yellow and green bell pepper, Beans, Broccoli, Baby corn. I also cut 3-4 cucumbers and tomatoes.

Breakfast - Roasted Potatoes.

Early noon - Tomato Juice, some slices of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Lunch - Saute vegetables , cucumbers and tomato slices.

Evening - Corn cob

Dinner - Saute Veggies and some corn

Water - 16 glasses

I can feel slight headache but not as strong as yesterday, Day 1. So its better today. I do feel a bit lighter. My MI Wrist Band strap seems loose so I am sure its a positive sign of loosing some unwanted fat.

I agree that first two days are crucial. If you can cross these, then the next will be easier to tackle.
My hubby who started with all enthusiasm gave up today having breakfast. He could not take it anymore :-) The first day itself got him bugged.

He thinks this plan is for Lazy people, coz you want to go for short cut of weight loss.. well I totally agree exercises are a must to loose fat. This diet won't help. But for me,  as I have already mentioned at the start, this plan is only get started with an organized diet from now on, and more importantly I want to put my self control to a test. Before this diet plan, I always had a strong strong urge to eat sweets and chocolates. I am not a junk food eater, but I can't control when it comes to chocolates. Everyday I had to eat some. I emptied the whole Nutela Bottle myself in less than a week eating a spoon of it or more everyday :-( I did regret but each day I told myself, one last spoon.. and took another :-(

Also, recently I got to know that my cholesterol levels are beyond limits. Here is what the report says,
Total Cholesterol - 245 HIGH
(Desirable <=200 | Borderline High 201-239 | High >239)

HDL Cholesterol - 50 LOW
(Major risk factor for heart disease < 40 | Negative risk factor for heart disease >= 60)

Triglycerides Level - 94 NORMAL
(Normal < 150 | Borderline High 150-199 | High 200-499 | Very High > 500)

LDL Cholesterol - 180 HIGH
(Optimal < 100 | Near Optimal/Above Optimal 100-129 | Borderline High 130-159 | High 160-189 | Very High >= 190)

LDL/HDL Ratio - 3.52 OK
(Optimal 2.5 - 3.5)

Non HDL Cholesterol - 195 VERY HIGH
(Desirable < 130 | Borderline High 130-159 | High 160-189 | Very High >= 190)

Actually, I have been eating out of limits. I love cheese and have been eating a lot of it recently. 1 year back because I was pregnant, and then because I was nursing my daughter. But now I need to take control of my diet. My health is now priority.

So, to kick start my change in diet I am doing this GM Plan. I know I will complete it without any hassles and will enjoy till the end. After that will I keep my self in control and eat within limits.

Btw, I did not loose any weight today.. hmmm..

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