Friday, July 17, 2015

Indian GM Vegetarian Diet Plan - Day 7

So sorry all. I had the post ready, but I had saved it as draft than submitting. My bad!

Day 7 - Veggies, Starch and Juice

So, today we can have starch in the form of rice. I am feeling very light already and am so glad to have lost 4 kgs. I am down to 59.

We can have veggies, juices and rice today. So, morning I had some water melon Juice and cut pieces. We then went shopping as there are sale all around here in the malls. We shopped till we dropped, so we actually skipped lunch. I was feeling tired as I did not have much in the morning. But drank lots of water.

We were out by 5.30, so after that I had some saute veggies. For dinner I had some plain white rice and saute veggies.

Now I got to maintain my weight and also do some exercises to loose more weight.

Here was my menu for the day.

Breakfast - Watermelon juice + some pieces

Lunch - Skipped

Evening snacks - Saute veggies

Dinner - Rice and saute veggies.

I am glad  I completed the GM Diet Plan without any problem. I again saw that if I plan something and make my mind upon something, I will definitely do it come what may :-)

I do recommend exercise to loose weight. Also, that we should watch what we eat so that we do not stock up on too much calories, especially if we do not burn out that much on a daily basis.

I won't recommend GM diet plan to those who want to loose weight alone. I will always recommend doing exercises. This plan is good for detoxing your body and controlling your food cravings. Be sure to maintain healthy eating after this diet :-)

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