Thursday, February 11, 2016

Health Check again..

Just got a health check done again. The last one I had done was in June last year. So, its been 8 Months. This was a comprehensive check up and not just Lipid Profile which I did last year.

I did the test in Bethany Hospital, Thane. The package was Good Health Executive which costs around 2500/-. I did not do the Good Health Total which is similar but has additional Stress Test and 2D Echo - Only because I did not the whole day for the test. as it was a weekday. Weekends were already booked for the whole month.

As usual though other parameters are Normal, Cholesterol is Not so good. Though my LDL is lower than last time's report, Triglycerides has shot up like anything. I am not sure why?

I still need to go visit my doctor with the reports. The physician counselling at the hospital was terrible. I was not at all satisfied. So, I won't be taking any of her medicines prescribed and plan to visit my family physician soon. Till then have started working out on a STRICT diet. 

The GM plan worked very well for me, as my diet was very well controlled after that. Except in Diwali when I went crazy for sweets and hogged on them. Soon, I did put a limit to that too.

So, now I do not eat sweets unless it is some Prasad of Pooja, or exception cases when I can't say NO. But then I make the serving really small. Also, I have stopped eating sweets at night and only eat in morning. This is because, the body has a lot of movement in the morning to break down the sweet. At night, body tends to rest and that's when all the sweet will stay within converting to fat.

Chocolates, ice creams and desserts are a big No for me now.

As of now, my weight is 57Kgs. I was at 59 after my GM diet. So, I must say, I am satisfied in terms of my weight. I can try for loosing another couple of Kgs. though according to my BMI, I have Normal Body Weight.

BMI is: 22.3

Normal weight: 18.5 - 24.9

Coming back to my Health check reports, I will concentrate on the Lipid Profile since rest of the tests are all normal.

Investigation  Latest Result Old Result Reference
Cholesterol 239 245 DESIRABLE < 200 |
HIGH > 239
Triglycerides 199 94 NORMAL < 150 |
HIGH 200 - 499
HDL Cholesterol 52 50 MAJOR RISK for HEART < 40 |
LDL Cholesterol  147 176.2 OPTIMAL < 100 |
ABOVE OPTIMAL 100 - 129 |
HIGH 160 - 189

So, as you can see the cholesterol results are all above desired levels in a negative way :-)

I have now decided to take Diet seriously and watch the Oil and cheese intake.

I will be posting my diet plan and recipes so that it can help you all too.
Keep watching this space.

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