Thursday, February 11, 2016

Changes in my Diet

I have decided to take these 3 months seriously and have a strict diet before I go for another Lipid Profile check 3 months from now. After my last test, soon after my GM diet, I used to have ONLY Oats in the morning for breakfast. I think, that has helped lower my LDL substantially, though still need to improve on those numbers. I also went on morning walks. Walked briskly for whole 1 hour which would be around 5000-5400 steps by the time I got home.

I have taken a break on my walks for last month due to various reasons, but getting back on it, is becoming challenging. Earlier I woke up from bed easily by 5.30pm and now its close to impossible. I switch off the alarm and go back to sleep. Self motivation has totally disappeared. I need it badly as of today. I will work on that.

In any case, my plan is to complete 10,000 steps daily as before, start my morning walks for 1 hour and control my diet completely.

Of Course, I need to still go visit my family physician who will surely prescribe medicines to lower the cholesterol directly. But meanwhile, I will follow a strict diet.

Oats for Breakfast
Phulkas for Lunch along with Vegetables made in less oil.
Snacks would be only biscuits or Carrots.
Dinner is Bean Salad or Bhakari (no oil) and some curry.

Say NO to Prawns and Fish to have as Steamed Fish only. 
NO MORE Fried Fish !!!
I am not a fan of Papad, Bhajiyas and Oily snacks anyway.. so that helps!

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