Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ice Ice Baby!

The one thing that i was looking forwad to in winter was snow. Living in Pune, I have never experienced snow. Though it does get very cold but it was never enough to have snow. So this being my first meet with Mr. Snow ;-) I was very excited about it. I was really looking forward to it. Wanted to make snowballs and play around and make snow mans just like in movies. It did start getting cold in October and sometime october 25th we did have out first light snow. They were just flurries. They never even reached the ground.

But what I saw today was amazing.
Unlike rains, it makes no sound so I never realised it was snowing. For a moment as I looked out of my window, I was pleasently surprised. It was snowing. Slowly it snowed heavily and roads, lawn, roof tops, cartops were all white. Wow the site was so beautiful. Experiencing snow was worth it.

I was down with cold and sore throat but I couldn't stop myself from shooting the scene. Wore my gloves, winter cap, thick seater, socks shoes, took my camera along and risked to open the balcony and go outside. Clicked a few snaps which I have uploaded here. Also shot some videos as the snow flakes were attacking me. The temperature has been like -8 to -10 degreesC and with wind blowing, temp. was infact -14 to 16 degreesC. Right now its not snowing but temp. is -16 degreesC. The roads, car and roof tops still remain snow covered as the temp. favors the snow to not melt.. Looking fwd to some more snow to shoot and make ya, my own snow-man :-)

Some snow flakes on the floor. One thing i realised they all seemed to be in a symmetric shape. Shape of a flower, star .. infact varied shapes that too symmetrical.

Surprising isn't it?

One special pic. The snow flaked took the shape of a flower. It looked like a diamond flower ear ring :-)
Snap is not that clear.. but thats the best i could get !

The cars in the car park covered with snow. The road is snow-white as well..

A Final collage of snaps !!


Suniel said...

Hey!!! y is that u didnt tell me about this one......well may be u did :o) tell me personally but the words here are slightly diff but give the same meaning .....yes same mean ing very mean of ya to not lemme enjoy some more of these.....u want me not to read them then fine just lemme know that atleast :oX

vignesh said...

im back as promised for ur blogs .. anyways a happy new yr to u .. on a personal front even i was very excited about getting to see snow for the first time when i was going to vaishnodevi around Dec. last yr .. now i dont even like it a wee bit yaar .. it was almost a sudden 20 degree drop for me as in from bombay .. BTW this blog seems more out of excitement .. i know u are better writer that this

Ramamohan said...

Shradha, I do hope that it snows (naturally) before you head back. I want to see you fulfil your dream of playing in the ice and making a (s)no(w)-man (no-man as my little daughter calls him).

I was amazed at your curiosity in watching snow flakes. Indeed they come in beautiful shapes - not 1 or 2 but something like 20 or 25 different shapes.

Actually each flake is formed around a dust particle and then it becomes a hexagon. As it moves through different temperature zones, it assumes different shapes just to remain as a flake. Physics at Work.

Ice Ice Baby also reminded me of a shop in front of my school in the 1970s. We used to spend 10 paise for a small cup of scraped ice with syrups of different flavours. We used to call it "Parbu's Ice" because the owner of the shop was "Parbu". (Christian for Prabhu, I guess).