Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some of the Macro photographs I captured.

A Tiny flower with an insect on it.

Some Wild Mushrooms on the grass.

Thats the actual size of the flowers and musrooms on the grass outside my apartment.

Some beautiful Button-roses on my way to Office.

A Beautiful Button Rose again.

Small Flowers on the road side.

Closer View

Thats the size of the flower.. really tiny.

Tiny cherry like fruits on a bush.

A Close-up.

Some more flowers on the road side.

Aint it Pretty ??


aodz said...


Suniel Kamath said...

hey those are pretty good ones
now that u have got a trainer i think u will be fine on your own ....
wat say?? :o)

Suniel Kamath said...

Hey almost forgot.
The 8th photo is very beautiful..both the background objects and th foreground angel.

Varsha said...


Varsha said...


Shradha Nayak said...


Thanks :-)

Abhang said...

Nice pics , they are really good !!