Friday, February 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Finally I am back.. Its great to be back home.. Great home made food to eat .. wow!
But i am shocked looking at the Traffic situation here.. The dust, Pollution, not to forget Noice ollution has made me go crazy.. :-(((

Will write abt that in detail when i get time.. smeohow i dont seem to get time here..
Had so much time for myself in the US.. even when i had to cook and take care of house.. yahan pe mommy does cooking for me.. n yet I am so busy.. doing nothing i guess.. just that cmuting to office n back is so tiring.. the bad roads, the bad buses and hence the jerks.,, has made my back weak again :-( So exhausted to actually to sit down n write ..

Will write some more again soon..


1 comment:

Suniel Kamath said...

ofcourse u realise that u are a day late and this is not what u wer supposed to write for the "assignment" part. [:o)...
MAN!!!! what happened to ur vaada...... pronounced as waa-dha and not eatable va-daa [:oP..