Friday, July 07, 2006

Am Back

Yep m back.. after a long break..
Well I was busy with getting myself ready for my official trip... Am here in Pittsburgh.. landed here on 20th May... and then was busy setting up my home and making my empty house into a cozy-comfy home....

I am loving this life here.. Filing my kitchen with lotsa food stuffs for me to hog..
ya becoming a total foodie with all junk food.... taking care of my home ..
Cooking cleaning the house ya can be a pain at times, but after some hard work and my house becomes clean.. the smile on the face is priceless :-)
Enjoying the walk near the lovely gardens at downtown.. watching the sunset here .... Ohh !! its great here...

In a nutshell, Yes I am enjoying myself here.. work is
good.. and life is good except for the home sickness viral fever that keeps coming.. hmm but i am handling that well too.. u can check for snaps at
enjoiii !!!

Will write about my experiencces here and the great friends i have made...
hmm later though..

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