Friday, July 07, 2006

Wikimapia your way through...

After coming to the USA, its become a habit to look into google map or google earth for any information required about the place. You wanna go to downtown by car, look into Google map, give the start address as your home and end address as downtown. Voila! all the details to get there is given. Even the exact distance is given, 0.1 mile means u have to go ONLY 0.1 mile.. 81feet means just that. not more not less :-D USA is vey well updated in Google earth or map. Every detail is given. I can even see my current house, Dorchester towers, Pittsburgh 15241 on it. I can even show u my flat there :-) Its that good.
However my actual home back in India is not found when i give the zip code or address to Google earth/map. I can see the building on google earth but that is by guesing. Hmm it might take some time for Pune to be updated on that with such minute details...

However, a friend of mine, Pradeep, today passed me the link to another site:
This one is a wiki. Some places are already shown. You search for yours and u can mark it. So now next time, someone else can see that marked on the map too. So i searched for my home in Pune and marked it :-) Here many places in Pune are mapped : Anandnagar, null stop, fergusson college etc.. Bhusari colony, Salunke vihar road is shown too.. Wow I loved it !

I guess its still new.. Not all places in USA is marked. I marked my home in Pittsburgh too..

You can have a look.. its cool..

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sector0 said...

Wikimapia uses images from google right? The only difference is they let you edit place info. Wikimapia gives better pictures though.