Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Caste-based Quota in IIT/IIM: Is it indeed for giving equal opportunities to all?

Well, You all might be knowing the latest news that has sent shock waves around the nation. Ya, the announcement made on On April 8 by our own Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh about the government's intention to reserve 49.5 per cent seats in all government-regulated education institutions like the IITs and IIMs.

This decision has become a boon to many Indians and to some, it has shattered their dream. Its gonna be tough dream for many who wanted to study in the prestigious colleges like IIT and IIM.
Even after toiling hard enough and scoring eminently, they might have to give away their seats to the ones who have not scored as high as them but are under the reserved category. How unfair is that!

Its true this might help the backward classes to get good education. But what about the well deserved. Is it fair to compromise on the standard of the scholars educated from these institutes ?

I totally disagree with the decision of have 49% reservation. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity just like anyone else. Being backward does not entitle one to get this privileges. I believe, the government has been pretty lenient to the backward class till they graduate.

On one had they scream out loud they are equal, and on the other they are given privileges on being from the backward class. Why this discrimination? They are no longer underprivileged. What privileges do we as Open category citizens avail?

Higher education cannot not be ruled on basis of caste. It like a dream shattered for those "Open category" students who wish to fulfill their ambitions while the so-called-backward class smoothly get their way. Why should our nation compromise on the intellectuals the institution nurtures?

Many citizens who are from the backward class don't agree to this intended decision. You can check out:

Its been 50+ years since we have attained independence. A responsible citizen should be well equipped to make his way after a certain point. I feel, we must concentrate on other issues of the country like irradiating poverty and giving the underprivileged people like poor/illiterate/slum to get benefits like education than giving benefits on basis of caste to the richer society.

With the soaring fees, studying in an IIM is definitely an achievable dream of the higher middle class people. Let them earn those benefits on the basis of their intelligence and not caste.
The government should infact, boycott the concept of sub-caste like Open/OBC etc. Let there be no privileges on basis of caste. They should provide good infrastructure to all so that all get educated or at least primary education. Make rules to let the poor gain some benefits for good education. Provide good means of education to all classes of people who then on basis of their hard earned marks, get scholarships to get admissions into IITs and IIMs. Another alternative is that the government should start with the concept of providing "aid" to the students. Those who get higher marks can get benefits of aid and those with not so good marks can bear the cost. They could make slabs for how much to aid.

Why don't they try and empower India by irradicating poverty and making everyone literate than making rules which is not in the true interest of the country's gain ???

Why this casteism ???
Or Is this just another way to attract votes from the minorities ???

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Rohan Thakare said...

I'll just copy paste an observation I made today to some other blogger !!

What u've written is the hard fact of life that every one of us must've faced esp when our scores brush the cut-offs! There's no denying that every "educated" person in this country will agree with u ..
But .....
Does that change the "situation"? We may take to the roads today and the govt. will be forced to retract the decision .. However, will this stop the "onslaught" of such atrocious policies at all levels .. right from the nation to ur neighbourhood?
Think bout it .. what's wrong with the country are the "wrong decisions" taken or "wrong people" taking decisions?
I believe a consensus on one issue of reservations (though a good sign) cannot change the status-quo! We need to confront the Political Establishment at its base .. in every neighbourhood .. pan india .. take them head-on .. I know its much easier said than done .. but if we don't do it .. our coming generations r doomed!! If I think of myself I can easily make a bee-line to the US, UK or ne friggin country .. but that won't alleviate the woes of this nation! So we need to unite in one movement which cuts across mother-tongues and backgrounds ..Its high time we left the politics of this nation to those ( as u would say) dimwits who don't care a damn for the country !!!