Friday, April 14, 2006

My First Post..

Writing Blog has become more of a fashion today. Almost Everyone has a Blog. Everywhere u see, "You wanna know more about me, my likes, dislikes, my views... Check my blog at". So I thought i must try my hands on it too. As a child i always wrote my views, feelings and my thoughts in a diary. But that was only for me. Today i plan to take my liking for writing to the next step. Writing for all to read! Since this is my first attempt, lemme start off with giving a brief introduction of myself.Myself, Shradha Nayak currently working as a Systems software engg. with IBM.

I did have a desire to write but reading all the wonderful blogs around, I felt mine would be the least interesting one. But then i had an alternative thought: why should i let it be the least interesting one around. I can work a li'l harder and make mine a good one too. For that All I need to do is approach the problem with an unbaised mind, read more about it, understand it and think from different perspectives and project my views. This will also force me to read regularly and also start thinking about whats happening around. Will help me get a platform to give my views. Will force me to be aware of all things happening around.

My friends keep writing and i was always impressed by there blogs. Being inspired by some of my great blogger friends, here i start on of my own...

So keep watching for more right here..

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