Sunday, November 05, 2006

Falling in Love with Fall !!

Hey, Its that time of the year, the first of its kind I have ever seen.. Something that is so beautiful and well thought of, by Nature. When most of the trees, from the traditional green, turn into different shades of Yellow, Greens, Reds, Pinks and Orange. The view is just so beautiful. This is the first time I am seeing what "Fall" is.. I am in Love with this season. Nature has indeed groomed the trees so very well for this season !!!

Its so colorful around. The trees around are in so many vivid colors. You will see Yellow, Bright Yellow, Red, Orange, some in shades of various Reds and others which are evergreen stay green. The hill sides covered with trees now make the hill look colorful. It looks like a colorful carpet over the hills. Soon every leaf from the tree falls off and the tree stands tall .. totally bare.

I am just amazed by nature especially the Creator or nature for such a great peice of work. I wanna capture every beautiful scene I have seen, in my camera. I was not very good at photography but my skills have definitely bettered with time. I have placed a few snaps here for those who would like to see the beauty of Nature through my eyes. Hope you see the beauty as I see them and appreciate them all.

About Fall ?? .... Well it starts smwhere around the month of October n goes till the end of November. December 1st is when the official Winter starts here in US. However, temperatures during Fall do fall pretty low. For me, Its already winter!! The sun rises at almost 7.00am and sets by 5.00pm. By 6.30pm its pitch dark !!

The temperature now is ranging from 5 to 6 degrees C as minimum and 14 to 18 degree C would be maximum. When it is around 18, it is nice and sunny and yet you feel the cold breeze blowing. Its very pretty cold but for a change its nice and warm. However, Its seldom that temperature these days. Coz, as soon as it gets this warm, you can see the clouds and soon there are showers and the temperature goes back to being around 4 to 6 degrees C.

I did get to see some extermely low temperatures already. It has gone to as low as -2 to -3 degrees C during the day and even noon. Its been like this for a while now. Though yesterday has been the lowest so far being -8 degreeC.
No, Its not snowing. Something that I am looking out for most. Infact even at that temperature the sun is out and its Bright, Sunny... Cold and yet so Beautiful.
Well its still bearable at -8 degreesC if the wind is not blowing. If there is wind, even a 4degreesC feels like -10 degreesC. Oh that becomes unbearable then.

Its like this, even at -8, it does feels cold.. yet comfortable and nice. But if the wind is blowing, its not really possible to appreciate the weather coz the cold air blowing most of the time is pretty harsh & severe and somtimes uncomfy to breathe too.

Everytime the temperature is in minus, I am all excited that finally I will get to see snow. But till now... not been really lucky yet :-(
Well, Ok, couple of weeks back there was a li'l snow shower. Flurries as they call it here .. and Yes, It was finally my first snow experience. Totally worth it and really very Beautiful. But am waiting for the real sno where i can collect and throw on someone ;-) and make a snow man!

And what I also got to see last week was, the Hail storm. This version was very much a true hail storm and not like the fairly light one I have seen in Pune at times. Here there was wind blowing strong, all leaves from trees flying in the air. Heavy rain which was now also accompanied with Ice. There was rain falling from all directions due to the winds blowing hard.
The wet roads with ice was making it difficult for the cars to drive smoothly. You could hear them screech. All the cars that were parked were covered with ice. They all were white. It was scary for the first time that i experienced it. But like i said before, totally worth it :-)

For now I am glad the temperature is still not at its the worst... its a long way before that happens !

The leaves that were once green,
are now turning to yellow, red with oranges & pink in between.
Oh dear, these leaves will soon Fall,
And leave alone the bare tree, to stand tall!
The new leaves will now come back in spring,
And Evolution will yet again begin !
So much in awe, I am, with the beauty that Fall brings us,
The hills, they all look as if covered with carpet with vivid colors.
Oh so beautiful are your colors o Trees!
Will say the same thing he who sees!
Soon winter will arrive and snow will have everything white-out,
And then its just White is the only color that we can see n talk about!
Autumn, Its surely Mother Nature's one of the Best creation,
something so phenomenally n so perfectly done!


Suniel Kamath said...

the poem could have some alterations here n there but the rest of it is perfect. i actually got the xact image that u wanna project to neone n everyone that gets a chance to read it.....
Snow man :oP hahahaha:oD thats pretty interesting....throwing snowballs at someone...:o) nice dreams that u have got...y not stay there till winter or until u get the image of wat winter is, n probly wat it is like to hit someone with a snowball n making a snowman as well...y dont u get the gist of it .....well u can always work PT till ur visa xpires....have a holiday or soemthing with the local friends u have...u have earned it.....u deserve it. u may,well, never get a chance again/.....think hard about it n then go back to india....HOPE u dont regret getting back to INDIA without chkin the winter out there...
Have a nice time....

Yogesh Goel said...

hi shradha,

Just happen to pass by ur blog.
found it really cool, well organised, and above all very refreshing. ab to hum bhi fall se love karne lage hai.

U have a beautiful and simple blog. Just like u.

take care
be well..

Shradha Nayak said...


Thanks for your compliments. Me too wanted to stay back for some more time.. But :
1) I am just waiting to get back home too. So snow and snow man are really secondary to me now :-)
2) I also, dint get tickets that I wanted.

n Hey Thanks! I do appreciate your suggestions :-)

Shradha Nayak said...


Thanks for your compliments! It does motivate me to write more and also improve to make every post Better than the previous!