Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time for Alice to return from the Wonderland !

(... Part II, of Alice in Wonderland)

Six months just passed in a whizz. Another month to go before i leave this place and go back to my home. As happy and excited I am, I am equally sad. This has been "my home". I remember the empty apartment i moved into. And now its a comfortable home if not posh. I have built it up. Made the "house" to "my home". I am so attached to it now. This place has taught me so much. Firstly being alone, it has made me stronger. Made me wiser to make my own decisions. Made me bolder to be on my own. Made me cautious since I am now alone and also made me independent.

So many things in this place fascinates me. As simple as Food. Am not much a foodie. Or maybe i should say "was" coz today I def. am. So much of variety. Be it in brands and flavors, in price, in taste and in types too.

Ice-creams and Puddings are my daily doze of nourishments. I might have not cooked food some days and lived only on Puddings and Ice creams. All you guys staying in US, try out the Vanilla Pudding. Its awwwwesome! You have,
Cakes: Cheese cakes, regular cakes.. .. ah! mind blowing.
Bread: Garlic Bread, cinamon bread, Plain wheat Bread.. all so Tasty.
Juices: Oranges, Apples, Lemon, Cranberry and many other flavors i haven't heard of.
Oh the list can go on..Well, I tried my best to stay away from Indian food and try all these delicacies.

Let me tell you the Funny and amusing thing I have noticed here.. Its that, the healthier foods like Green leafy vegetables, Tomatoes, Sprouts, they are all hell expensive compared to the junk food like Puddings, Ice-creams, Chocolates, Cakes.
Puddings will cost you 97Cents for a packet of 4, say in Wallmart and around $1.75 in Giant Eagle if you take the store brand leaving the others which are def. more.. While cheapest tomatoes cost $2.49/lb and Green leafy vegetables $3 for a small packet!!
Its like cooking healthy food is a luxury :-) Here comes the Best part: Sometimes these vegetables would be on sale :-) Yes, Imagine Sale for vegetables :-). How funny is that! Yes, I have bought Tomatoes only when they are on SALE !!!

The poor here can afford Cakes, cheese, butter, puddings while in India butter, cheese and cakes are nowhere close to what a poor man has for his meal.
Maybe thats why people here are FAT. They'd rather buy these junk food which are cheap and tasty (and Fatty !!) :-)

Now speaking of People.. there is so much of variety here too :-)
US is definitely a country of Immigrants. "Americans" are people who basically imigrated. Only the Red-Indians are the original Americans i guess.
So you will see different kinda people here in terms of religion, nationality and origin.
What i love about the people here is their way of talking. So calmly and kindly. They would praise you for anything good you say and feel sorry for anything not so good that you say.
I remember, I was talking to a friend here and I happened to mention about something which unfortunately I cannot re-collect. Which means it was'nt really important. But she exclaimed, "Oh Shradha, I am So SORRY so-n-so happened". I said to myself, "Hey its ok.. even m not sorry.. so why r u.. cmon chillax !!"

Infact, earlier when anyone whould greet and ask how you are with an expression that they r so concerned, it really bothered me, coz (1) They were really not concerned and (2) it was so damn Artificial !
Of course, now I am used to it and you shouldn't be surprised if I start talking in the same way to a stranger !!

But yes, this is also a way of respect they show to eachother by greeting. Just that I wish they weren't that artificial! This again applies to some "few" people not all!!

Another Classy thing... Everybody here is very well dressed. Ladies in cool leather jackets, smart sweaters, beautiful clothes and high heeled sandals and boots. Wow it is very impressive that women take so much care of themselves even when they r old and above 45. This is unlike women in India. Lately people might be stylish but most of them would not engage in spending time in taking care of their beauty.
Ah! another common thing here is the mobile... Poor, rich and of course stinking rich! You would see many of the women busy on their Blackberry. Even old ladies busy on their cell phones playing games or messaging someone or else chatting away. This is not what you would see in India. Especially old ladies using cell phones so easily.
Also, many of them, young and old,
will listen to their Mp3 Players mostly iPods, or are busy reading books. So, basically everone in the Tram you see are busy in their own things. Hardly anyone gossiping or talking. Its a nice and peaceful journey in the tram even when it is over crowded.

Well anyways.. ya, i did feel this place uncomfy at the start, But now, I LOVE IT. I am used to living with these people. I dont miss having Indian around me. Infact i never missed that part from the start. I am Ok with living with what we called "firangs" as long as i have friends. And yes I have made some friends too. So its hurts to say Good-Bye. I will miss the people, the city... and also The food !!!
I wish i could take back some good things from here back home. The style of living, the ethics, the respect for eachother and respect for eachother's views,.... not to forget All the Fooooood !!!!

"Wonderlands" dont last forever .. do they ??
Looks like, Alice's trip in a Wonderland will come to an end.. soon. :-(

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Suniel Kamath said...

:o( $hradha now u have scared me....i have the same felling about australia n now that i ave felt almost all ur words here personally...the last part that is taking off from here to india even though it would be for a short while puts me off.....neway the last part which i told u earlier of a small vactaion n back wud be ideal...trust me thats wat u shud be doing before u leave to India...... u will not regret that .........about the prices its right.even here ppl pay less for junk n more for veggies n stuff.....primary reason not that its luxury its mainly cos the labour involved in the growing n handling of veggies.....that is wat makes them expensive.......
You right about ppl bieng nice n other stuff like saying sorry for sitting down or everystep that they take they are soory :o).....
i had told the xact same thing to one of my friend here who says sorry for silly things.....
neway Indian n western styles have their own +n- so no worries.....
P.S rem the vacation lest u shud regret not going on one...