Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is Gmail = Ev(a)il = Immora(i)l ?

Is Gmail becoming Evil. Is it goin against its own *Mission* statment of, "do no evil" ???

Google claims to use all our data and information kept with them for any future purpose. It will share any non-identifiable portions of the information with anyone they choose. Even if we delete any mail from our inbox or even delete our account, the copies of our data would still remain on their systems !! It brags about never deleting anything from day One. Infact, if the ownership of google changes, the entire accumalation of information will now be accessible to its new owners.

Hmm now how safe is that? Is google getting a li'l too creepy ???

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Suniel Kamath said...

OMG !!! thats a very informative blog. HOPE u dont have a copyright to that ;o) ...u have some investigative skills gal...KEEP it UP...Thanx for the info..

Nagesh Pai said...

GMail may use your information while assuring anonymity. The information helps in study consumer behavior that helps marketers design better products as much as it may be misused by miscreants. Google may not save the contents of your email, but just the context that too without saving much of your identity.

Are we actually leading a private life? Your credit card co, telephone providers, your "trusted" bank, the postal department, etc leak out more confidential and sensitive information about you than anyone else in this world.. Google threat is still not so alarming as compared to those.

Anonymous said...

If gmail/orkut can keep all the details for so long without deleting.GOOD, i can show my kids(after 20 yrs), see this was ur mom's first scrap... he he

jokes apart, i think we have already too much of intrusion in our private life, these people can just add to our miseries. our card details, personal infos... oh man, are we really making world a better place to live in ? and the future wars are fought on wid the more private infos u have about the other guy!! crazy... gotta be alert now, when u chat wid many friends...