Friday, November 03, 2006

Love is in the Air !!!

This one is dedicated to someone I know.. who is so in love with the love she has found :-) !

When in Love, everything feels so nice and beautiful,
Everything around feels so calm and cool!
You see Beauty in everything around,
Hear Light Music in every sound.
You feel the waves dance as the water flows along the Bay,
Hear the Tree's sweet wisper as they begin to sway.
The night looks beautiful with the moon shining bright,
and Every moment of your life feels so Right!

You try to see right in ever wrong,
see the beauty in the words of ever song!
Your Life feels so complete to have him around,
and just wanna be with him forever as if Time were No bound.
When he is around you are so cheerful,
Life just seems so Colorful!
Just thnking of him makes you smile,
and you Miss him if he is away for a while!

He brings Happiness when you are Sad,
Cools off your anger when you are Mad.
Is your strength when you are weak
Is your voice when you cannot speak!

You are so confident coz he is with you,
and I am sure he is lucky to have found you too!
Never have I seen you this way before, my friend,
I wish this happiness in your life will never end!
When I see you, that how love has changed you,
I am Happy for you and that you've found your love so True!

1 comment:

Suniel Kamath said...

that was a master piece...was it the one u mentioned earlier about u ;oP......