Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Investment: Shares and Market

Yep finally I am interested in Finance and this is to remain for good... (i hope so)
I am trying to understand How the Share the Market works..

Yes, have taken this up seriously.. well i have taken this up many time before but ended up not understanding much.. This time I hope to stick on and get a good understanding on it..

I have decided to keep aside or rather allocate some money which I can invest. Now here I am in the whole wide world of companies whose share I can buy.. Whom to pick and why and whats the latest on the shares I bot.. is what i will talk about :-)

As of now.. still searching for the right company to invest in..
Understanding how to keep track of the companies in which I can invest.. what is the company investing into? What does the company claim to do and perform in future.. These points will help deciding which shares to buy..

As of now.. I think there is alot of scope on building the infrastructure of the country. Real estate is booming, power and energy are that we need to look into..

Just my guess with the li'l knowledge I have..

But for now.. specifically I am thinking of Reliance.. what say??
I think for the long run it will be good.. But it is so expensive :-( Reliance Petro is one i can afford.. its like 162/- today....

hmm I think I shall track Reliance to start off.

Lets see if its a wise decision..

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