Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rise and Fall !

Or should I say, Fall and Rise..
Well after the last update we saw on the refineries having a great fall in their prices, its time for a rise.

With the view to hedge against the growing Inflation, all the investors trying to buy the Oil shares. They are trying to invest into the oil market hoping that prices will increase with this inflation.

Its good news again for those who have already bought the shares.

Reliance Petro is now at 170.05/-
This is more than what I paid when i bought.. So now my luck is shining :-D

Bharat Petroleum is back on track with 445.55/- from a low of 434/-

Essar has leaped from 222/- at which it closed to cross the last high of 232/- to reach 244/-

Chennai Petroleum is however still in the Red zone infact going lower by a rupee than last 288/- to 287/-

Hmm i think I should just wait and watch..

Highest gainer today Larsen n Toubro ! awesome 6.93% rise..

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