Friday, March 07, 2008

Code Red

Reliance Petro has moved to the Red zone from Green :-(

I bought it at 167/- .. 20 of them.. and now its 154/- today :-O

It was doing well after a few days since I bought. All of a sudden this sudden crash.

In the same sector is Bharat Petroleum. I was keeping an eye on it too. It has incidentally gone into red zone as well..

Its last close was around 450/- and today its on 434/-

Essar Oil closed from 232/- to 222/- today going into the Zone red too.

Chennai Petroleum has also gone from 303/- to 288/- again getting it to the zone red!

Seems the Refineries sector is doomed !!!

My first try on shares was unlucky..
lets hope things get better !

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